A bit about me

I’ve been working in the design industry since more than 18 years ago; I was born in Colombia, lived in Chile for six years and in 2018 moved to Sweden where I live and work until today.

I have worked with several companies across the world, both in-house and remotely, from start-ups to corporations; leading teams up to 25 professionals but also as a one-person army when it was required.

Do not miss my resume and take a look at my portfolio I hope you find it inspiring, and we could work together soon.

…and a bit more about me

I love cooking! Colombian, Chilean and now starting with Swedish dishes. In addition to it, I am very proud of my fusion sushi.

For me, there’s nothing more important than my family. I am a husband and a parent of two, Luciana (9) and Máximo (5).

I have many hobbies; among others, I really like singing, camping, videogames (Fifa, Zelda, Fallout, NMS, CSL), SciFi books and football!

Want to know even more about me?